May is Foster Care Awareness Month and TACFS is honoring all foster parents and community organizations who have dedicated their love and time to supporting vulnerable children and families across Texas.

Over the last year and a half, crisis after crisis has impacted the daily lives of everyone worldwide, with a pandemic that has worsened existing stressors on the Texas foster care system. And while vaccines are becoming more readily available for many, it will take time and resources to create more foster care placements that are appropriate for the kids who need them.

As of March 2021, 15,874 children in the foster care system were awaiting the security of a loving home. Simply put, there is a profound need for foster families in Texas.

Our network of community organizations is constantly searching for loving, trustworthy adults who have the desire to open their hearts and families to these deserving children and youth.

TACFS connects foster and adoption agencies in every region of Texas. Contact us today to learn more about getting connected to a community organization in your area.