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Equity & Access Workgroup

Members Only - Meets online monthly

The E&A workgroup welcomes new members interested in sharing, learning and acting on solutions that advance race equity within the child welfare system.


Human Resources Work Group

Members Only - Meets online quarterly

The focus of the TACFS Human Resources Work Group is to provide timely, relevant resources to our internal network of HR staff that addresses pertinent topics common for nonprofit child welfare community organizations.


Advocacy Committee

Members Only - Meets monthly during session, and quarterly during the interim

Supports advocacy and public policy efforts on behalf of TACFS members at a local, state, and national level. Through bill review, outreach strategies, and sharing our stories, we work together to communicate our priorities to decision-makers. TACFS also provides learning training opportunities and materials to build relationships with elected officials, draft testimony and testify at public hearings, and reading legislation.



Members Only - Meets quarterly lasting 2 hours/ meeting

STaRC was initially created by to address Alliance members’ professional development needs in the areas of strategic operational planning, training and information for staff, and research from the field. The group focuses on the following:• Inform participants of current research on the field and translate the research in helpful formats • Share updates in the field related to the focused STaRC topics• Create deliverables, including tip sheets and best practices, from focused information shared in the work group that is helping members in their child welfare roles and more• Bring in speakers to discuss innovative strategies for addressing pressing child welfare issues across the state• Break down child welfare barriers as it relates to racial equity and disproportionality.


Regulatory Committee

Members Only - Meets quarterly; additional meetings as needed

The Regulatory Committee focuses on regulatory issues at CPAs and GROs in Texas. The group discusses a wide scope of regulatory matters during their meetings including, but not limited to, the Minimum Standards for CPAs and GROs,legacy and CBC contracts, YFT service levels, CANS assessments, the foster care lawsuit, and other licensing issues.


Mental Health Cohort

Meets on an as needed basis with ongoing communications and resources pertaining to the group sent via email

This cohort was established in 2019 to bring multiple perspectives together to identify bottlenecks and barriers in the current credentialing process for providing therapeutic behavioral health services, specifically TCM and MHR services in Texas in order to ensure access to these services across the state, and in local communities. In this cohort, The Alliance, Superior STAR Health and Texas child welfare organizations have joined forces to improve access to behavioral health services in Texas.


Clinical Consortium

Open to all clinicians - Meets bi-monthly. Meetings are 90 minutes on Fridays sometime between 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM. Plus, additional, optional clinical training opportunities at various days/times.

The Clinical Consortium of Child Welfare Professionals is a group designed to support child welfare clinicians and child welfare clinicians in training through training, shared learning, resource sharing, peer to peer networking and support.


Bridge Organization Convenings

Open to all - Meets quarterly

This is an opportunity for bridge organizations state-wide to connect and engage with like-minded organizations, as well as learn from informative discussions with selected state-wide leaders. Our convenings will offer an opportunity to meet new professionals leading and working within bridge organizations throughout Texas, share ideas and learn about current issues in child welfare that impact your important work. Bridge organizations offer resources and support to children, families and caregivers within the child welfare system.


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