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TACFS Publishes "Learning More about Community Based Care"

Jan 22, 2020
Under the guidelines set forth by the Legislature and DFPS, one of the goals of Community...

Get to Know a TACFS Partner: The Texas A&M System

Jan 22, 2020
In less than two years, the Texas A&M System launched campus-based Supervised...

TACFS 2019 Year in Review

Dec 27, 2019

#TACFSAdoption: Advantage Adoptions- One Church, One Child

Nov 27, 2019
Advantage Adoptions OCOC is a child placing agency in Fort Worth that specializes...



TACFS Membership Meeting

TACFS invites members to join us for our membership meeting on Tuesday, February...


Trafficking State Report: Road Map for Texas Communities to Address Child Sex Trafficking

Jan 4 2020
This roadmap was developed in close collaboration between Meadows Mental Health Policy...

National Trafficking Law: The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2019

Jan 15 2020
This law reauthorizes several grant programs within the Departments of Justice (DOJ),...

Boys: The Forgotten Sex Trafficking Victim

Jan 17 2020
This webinar will highlight the current system response to young boys victimized...

Screening Tool for Human Trafficking Among Runaway/Homeless Youth

Jan 17 2020
Because of the reluctance of young people to disclose their sex trafficking experiences,...