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News Coverage Highlights Storm's Impact on Vulnerable Kids and Families

Feb 23, 2021
Last week’s historic storm again showed the struggles that Texas’ most...

Commentary: End Systemic Racism in Child Welfare

Feb 22, 2021
As we celebrate Black History Month, we must also reflect on the unique challenges...



TACFS Data Visualization Series (TACFS members only)

The Texas Alliance continues the STaRC Knowledge Community Series...


TACFS Releases Latest FFPSA Clearinghouse Matrix for Community Organizations

Jan 4 2021
The Federal FFPSA Clearinghouse has added programs to their approved list of evidence-based...

TACFS Releases Report Summary of 2020 Foster Care Ombudsman

Dec 14 2020
When comparing across years, there is a 46% increase in total claims to the Ombudsman...

The Center Publishes Updated FFPSA Matrix

Oct 22 2020
FFPSA Update: The Title IV-E Prevention Services Clearinghouse of the Administration...