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TACFS Publishes Document Explaining Benefits Available to Kinship Caregivers

Oct 9, 2019
The Texas Legislature passed House Bill 1884 earlier this year which requires both...

Congratulations to Conference Award Winners!

Oct 9, 2019
At our Texas Child Care Administrators Conference last week, we announced the award...

TACFS Releases Resource Guide to Help Community Organizations Navigate the DFPS Foster Care Needs Assessment

Sep 20, 2019
This resource guide is designed to bring the context of Community Organizations’...

#CommunityResilience: Enrique Davila, Administrator of Child Crisis Center of El Paso

Sep 24, 2019
Regardless of the obstacles and differences that might separate a community, in the...



Charting Family Stressors: Diagnosing & Assessing Complex Trauma

The second of a free two-part workshop for child welfare professionals. About t...


STARHealth Webinar: That Makes Sensory: Understanding Sensory Processing Differences in Children

This workshop will offer participants a basic understanding of sensory processin...


STARHealth Webinar: Understanding the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

This training reviews the concepts and results of the Adverse Childhood Experien...