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#TACFSAdoption: Advantage Adoptions- One Church, One Child

Nov 27, 2019
Advantage Adoptions OCOC is a child placing agency in Fort Worth that specializes...

#TACFSAdoption: Rainbow of Love USA

Nov 20, 2019
Rainbow of Love USA is a social service, child placement and adoption agency that...

5 Key Ways Adoptive Families Can Seek Post Adopt Support in Texas

Nov 15, 2019
While National Adoption Month is a month of celebrating the growth of families through...

#TACFSAdoption: Children's Hope

Nov 13, 2019
Children’s Hope has helped several children in their Residential Treatment...



Strategy, Training and Research Consortium (STaRC) - TACFS members only

Join us as TACFS finishes year two of our Strategy, Training, and Research Conso...


STARHealth Webinar: Understanding the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study

This training reviews the concepts and results of the Adverse Childhood Experien...


Symposium on the Public Health Approach to Child Welfare

TACFS and The Children's Shelter invite you to attend the Texas Center for ...