The TACFS Learning Team has created a new online course titled “All About Minimum Standards: How to Read Minimum Standards and Other Tips.”

Andrea Requenes joined us on The Weekly Update Podcast to chat about this new training. Members can access the podcast and hear the whole episode through The Weekly Update newsletter.

This training provides a foundation-level overview of the basic background information of Minimum Standards for both Child-Placing Agencies and General Residential Operations. This introduction to Minimum Standards will start with information such as the significance of Minimum Standards, where they come from, who enforces the standards, where you can find the most current copy, and more. In addition to this background information, they cover significant verbiage to consider when referencing various standards, cross-references for consideration when reviewing standards, and who to contact with questions. They also review examples throughout the course.

Certificates of Completion are provided at the end of the course. While the training is not pre-approved for LCCA or LCPAA hours, they can certainly submit their certificate of completion to their licensing body for approval after taking the course.

The course costs $25 but Alliance members can get a 25% discount by emailing for a discount code.