This month, TACFS is focused on how Strong Families lead to Strong Communities. Through funding from Prevention & Early Intervention, seven Family Resource Centers across the state are providing vital support, services, and opportunities to help families in their communities. These community- or school-based hubs are multigenerational, strength-based, and family-centered. Their work directly addresses the root causes of family vulnerability.

The seven PEI-funded Family Resource Centers are:

BCFS Health and Human Services

DePelchin Children’s Center

El Paso Center for Children

Easter Seals Rios Grande Valley

SAFE Alliance

MHMR of Tarrant County

BCFS Health and Human Services

TACFS seeks to grow Family Resource Center programming and practices that support families and communities to be strong, healthy, and successful reducing the likelihood of child maltreatment through research-based protective factors. When children and parents have support in building a foundation for their family, they begin to thrive.

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