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Special Session #3
September 2021

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Winter 2021 – Spring 2022

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The Texas Legislature ended its regular biennial session this week after making a number of reforms and investments that will improve care and strengthen services in the child welfare system. TACFS worked closely with legislators from both political parties to champion the needs of children, youth and families. Our member organizations provided a critical voice by helping legislators understand the everyday realities of the system, the impact of the pandemic, and the difference that could be made through targeted investments and effective reforms.

Special Session

During the second special session in September 2021, The Texas Legislature passed a supplemental appropriation bill that included $90 million dollars to fund foster care. House Bill 5 will implement $70 million of this funding to provide supplemental payments to support children with complex needs, while the remaining $20 million will go targeted foster care capacity grants across this state to address the existing foster care capacity shortage. The bill passed through the Governor’s desk and became effective on 9/17/2021.

Read more about the Session on the TACFS blog, and check out the resources below.

  • ▶︎ What happened and what’s next? Check out our Session Overview.
  • ▶︎ The Budget Breakdown provides more detail on funding decisions by category.
  • ▶︎ Looking for the status of a bill? Our Bill Chart can help you track what passed… and what didn’t. If you’re looking for more information, such as bill language and analysis, or the schedule for upcoming agency hearings and meetings check out our Bills and Hearings section.

SB 1896: Child Welfare Reform

Senate Bill 1896, a sweeping reform of the state’s foster care system, was authored and passed by Senate Health and Human Services Committee Chair Lois Kolkhorst. SB 1896 provides system reforms, aims to improve quality, and and addresses many issues raised through both the federal foster care lawsuit and the current capacity crisis. Read more about specific provisions here. We will continue to update the site as more information on implementation becomes available.

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