The Texas Center for Child and Family Studies (the Center), seeks a second round of applications to develop and establish or expand and operate coordinated programs focused on the following areas:

1) community-based family support services, 

2) family preservation services, 

3) family reunification services, and 

4) adoption promotion and support services.  

This is the second round of emergency supplemental funding being released. The funding aims to identify the unmet needs for services or support that families at risk or in crisis are experiencing during the pandemic to address the four key areas mentioned above and in more outlined below.

1) Community-based family support services to prevent child maltreatment among families at risk through the provision of supportive family services. (Including adoptive, foster, and extended families as well as programs that offer direct incentives/payments to the aforementioned) 

2) Family preservation services to assure children’s safety within the home and preserve intact families in which children have been maltreated, when the family’s problems can be addressed effectively. 

3) Family reunification services to address the problems of families whose children have been placed in foster care so that reunification may occur in a safe and stable manner. 

4) Adoption promotion and support services to support adoptive families by providing support services as necessary so that they can make a lifetime commitment to their children.

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