Meet Andy Miller (CSIO) Chief Strategy and Impact Officer for Texas Health Institute (THI). As CSIO, Andy crafts a balanced portfolio of work based on data and policy analysis, while looking at the ways they can improve. He strives to create a more coherent story of who THI is and share their mission so that others will be inspired to work with the organization and further their mission to advance the health of ALL Texans, including those involved in the child welfare system. 

“We strive to take data and information to change how health care is funded and provided… to move the needle from an illness to wellness model.”   

Andy Miller

Andy joined THI in 2019 after working with The Morris Foundation. He began working in child welfare in 2014 with Any Baby Can, where he discovered health inequity and disproportionate access to healthcare amongst many families involved in the child welfare system.  

To support public health best practices in community organizations, Andy’s team at THI draws in their expertise to conduct local community health needs assessments, emergency preparedness programs, and program and data analysis on health access. Moving forward through the next 5 years, THI’s goal is to be more involved in community- based care efforts to help tangibly bridge the health access concerns of child and family serving organizations to equitable solutions.  

 As partners, THI and TACFS share the value of enacting systemic change. As Andy stated in his interview, the disproportionate access to health care within the child welfare system “is not a child welfare issue, but a public health issue.” 

 In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, Andy and the team at THI have been reaching and informing their community through a series of briefs and webinars covering topics ranging from various facets of health and frontline workers, to uncovering racial inequities in the health care system. Within these briefs, THI ties these systemic disparities (racism, gender inequality, and widespread access to health, etc.) to the public health realm and recognizes them as public health issues. 

 Andy encourages community organizations to reach out to his team at any time for assistance with public health needs assessments, program and data analysis, and implementing health equity models.