Meet Tiffany Reedy- Managing Counsel of the Children’s Protective Services and Disability and Elder Law Divisions of the Harris County Attorney’s Office.  As Managing Counsel, Tiffany oversees the CPS litigation in Harris County and guardianship cases involving the protection of adults in the county to extend to the mental health docket courts.  

Tiffany’s career as a child welfare attorney began in 2008 as a Regional Attorney for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) assigned to handle the CPS Docket in Liberty County, Texas.  After years of working in that role while also advising other county and district attorneys in Fort Bend County, acting as subject matter expert for Harris County, advising other lawyers and judges, and assisting with interpreting adoption laws, she transitioned from Regional Attorney to Assistant Harris County Attorney in 2014.  After handling direct representation as an Assistant County Attorney wherein she represented DFPS, she was appointed as the Managing Attorney of the CPS Division, then Executive Managing Attorney and then ultimately she was appointed to her current role of Managing Counsel overseeing two divisions of the Harris County Attorney’s Office charged with the responsibility of protecting the most vulnerable citizens of Harris County.  

Looking back on her career as an attorney, she has many impactful memories, particularly of tough cases that resulted in positive outcomes for families at risk of being separated. Tiffany has seen parents rise up and undergo healing and treatment to better support their families and provide a safe home environment for their children and for themselves.    

When asked who inspires her work Tiffany shared that attorney Lameka Trahan has shaped her perspective on how to tirelessly serve children and families in the face of adversity. Lameka passed away at the age of 40 due to breast cancer. Even after years of enduring terrible circumstances, her commitment to families and children in her court shined through until her passing.  

In reflection of Black History Month this year, Tiffany shared her advice for other black leaders in child welfare. 

“In the space where lawyers and decision makers exist, there are not many minorities. Often it is easy to be discouraged when you are in those spaces and you are the only person like you in the room … My advice would be to not give up and to not get weary. Your input is valuable.  When you feel that you can be impactful in a space and desire to have thoughtful input but feel as though the space is not welcoming or open …create your own space, set up your own tables and create the open spaces you desire to work in.”

Tiffany Reedy, Managing Counsel of the Children’s Protective Services and Disability and Elder Law Divisions of the Harris County Attorney’s Office