As spring draws near, the child-serving organization Belong is celebrating six months of community-based care leadership and service in  the San Antonio area. Formed by the same team at SJRC Texas, Belong is the lead agency for community-based care in its region, Region 8B, meaning it takes the lead in pulling together community resources and services needed by children in that region’s foster care system.

Belong provides foster care and adoption services, as well as a robust set of programs for prevention and early intervention.  Their primary focus in partnership with Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and other community partners is keeping families together by pouring money and resources into mentorship programs, counseling and other support groups.

The state has rolled out the community-based care model in various regions in recent years in order to better utilize the services in an entire community to serve each child, rather than having the state agency coordinate their care.

“Not one entity can solve this foster care crisis alone,” said Tara Roussett of Belong. “It takes every single person being involved whether it be the providers, the community, our team, everyone working together. One team, one fight. I want people to feel empowered to join that.” 

Belong offers routine foster and adoptive parent trainings and resources. Get involved by visiting the organization’s website today.