TACFS partnered with The Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute in 2019 – 2021 to support planning efforts in North Texas in preparation for the eventual transition from a state-administered foster care system to one led locally.

Project Details

The Meadows Institute’s role in the project was to conduct an environmental assessment, gathering and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data to identify and describe the needs of children and youth in substitute care across the target region, and to assess providers’ capacity to optimally support key aspects of child, youth, and family well-being. Our assessment along with key findings and recommendations is summarized in this executive summary . The full report of the assessment is also available below.

The implementation of Community-Based Care (CBC) represents an opportunity for communities in Texas to find local solutions to improve outcomes for children and youth who spend time in foster care. However, the shift to CBC from the state-run legacy foster care system entails significant changes and critical decisions.

The purpose of this assessment is to provide region-specific information to support twelve North Texas counties in DFPS Region 3 (see map below) in preparing for and making programmatic decisions for CBC implementation. This report summarizes the findings from the environmental assessment and provides relevant and timely recommendations based on quantitative data, stakeholder insights, and national best practices that will help the North Texas community strengthen their local foster care system.

Assessment Areas of Focus

  • Data Trends and Characteristics, County Profiles
  • Substitute Care Capacity
  • Youth and Caregiver Lived Experiences
  • Focus Areas
    • Mental Health
    • Courts and the Judiciary
    • Education

Scope of Assessment

Region 3 Map DFPS
This assessment focused on 3 counties in Region 3W (non-CBC) and 9 counties in 3E.


This project was made possible through the generous support of The Meadows Foundation, The Rees-Jones Foundation, Sister Simmons Fund, The George & Fay Young Foundation, and the Hoglund Foundation.

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