Our Mission

We reunite, reconnect, and restore children, youth, and families through the provision of social, emotional, and behavioral health services to ensure child and family well-being.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which every child and young adult has a secure, stable family enabling him or her to thrive and achieve his or her full potential.

Family Roots for Life is all about...
Ensuring Healthy Families Creating Lifelong Connections Performing the Heartwork™ Cultivating Community through Collaboration

Questions were answered by Family Roots for Life, Inc.

Tell us your organization’s founding story.

Family Roots for Life, Inc.® was created out of necessity  to address the long-broken child welfare system, as well as prevent the ongoing practice of separating children from their most natural connection – parents and kinship family. Family Roots also aims to solve the problem of individual and family dysfunction due to the involuntary separation of children and families that leads to many other social ills such as homelessness, poverty, generational child abuse, neglect, substance abuse and addiction, and mental illness. 

The founder and CEO of Family Roots for Life, Atasha Kelley-Harris, has worked in child and family services for 30 years  with a majority being in the Greater Houston area. Throughout her career, Atasha has contributed to the successful permanence and well-being of many children, youth, and families, and mentored many child welfare and mental health professionals. Her goal has been to build up professionals to continue this work to serve families for years to come. 

Tell about one program or therapeutic approach that you are especially proud of. 

We’re proud of all our supportive programs and services. The one I’m most fond of is our Heart Strings Family Finding and Support Services which is aimed at helping youth and young adults reconnect with birth family, ultimately to restore families. 

Can you share a notable collaboration that has significantly contributed to the success of your organization’s initiatives? 

Some collaborations that have significantly contributed to our organization’s initiatives and success include the Department of Family and Protective Services (PAL and FBCE), the HAY Center, several GROs/RTCs/SILs, Lamar Consolidated ISD, and many others. 

Are there any specific milestones or achievements that stand out in the organization’s journey toward fulfilling its mission? 

We have made many milestones since our incorporation. Specific achievements include our partnerships with the Hogg Foundation, the George Foundation, and Henderson-Wessendorff Foundation. Each of these important partnerships have been crucial in our journey toward fulfilling our mission.  

What long-term impact do you envision for the organization in the next several years? 

The long-term impact we envision for our organization in the next several years would be to strengthen families and communities to reduce child abuse and neglect, as well as address poverty and race equity across systems and increase stability and permanence for youth.