Heart Galleries of Texas Phase II: Post-Permanency Supports Grant

June 15 - July 15

In partnership with the Moritz Center for Societal Impact at the University of Texas Austin, the Texas Center for Child and Family Studies (the Center) seeks applications for the purpose of establishing or sustaining post-adoption and post-permanency supports throughout Texas.

The Heart Galleries of Texas project is focused on strengthening heart gallery programs as tools for positive permanency in communities by developing strong and thriving local heart galleries and supporting children and families post-adoption and post-permanency. The project received funding in the 88th Legislative Session.

Grant RFA is open June 15-July 15

View or print this grant RFA:

Should I apply?

Eligibility Criteria:

Organizations should consider applying if they meet the following criteria:

  • Service Provision or Funding: Must directly provide services or funding aimed at meeting specific needs identified in the State of Texas needs assessment and/or your regional needs assessment.
  • Target Population: Services should specifically benefit children, youth, and families experiencing post-adoption and post-permanency challenges.
  • Alignment with Identified Needs: The organization’s proposed activities must address one or more of the needs highlighted in the state assessment, including mental health services, educational support, therapeutic interventions, respite care, family counseling, and other related supports.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Mental Health and Counseling: Providing access to trauma-informed and adoption-competent mental health services, including individual and family therapy, and residential treatment.
  • Educational Support: Offering educational resources, tutoring, and support programs to address learning and academic challenges faced by adopted children.
  • Therapeutic Interventions: Implementing specialized therapeutic programs to assist with trauma recovery, attachment issues, and behavioral challenges. Including in-home coaching, specific and in-depth parent training, and TBRI.
  • Respite Care: Delivering respite care services to give adoptive families temporary relief and support.
  • Family Counseling and Support Groups: Facilitating family counseling sessions and support groups to strengthen family bonds and provide peer support networks.

View or print a PDF version of this eligibility criteria.

We are grateful for those who participated in the needs assessment survey. The data collected is intended to help drive Texas and each region to better understand how to best serve families post-permanency. We are meeting with each region individually to discuss the findings, and hope the dashboard serves as a tool for organizations to utilize when determining if they should apply for funding.

All applying organizations should be affiliated with their Regional Heart Gallery and/or a local collaborative for consideration. If you are not connected to one of the above, please contact Erin Argue eargue@tacfs.org