Meet Audrey Morrisey, Co-Executive Director of My Life My Choice (MLMC), an organization that provides tailored support and mentoring for girls subject to and healing from commercial sexual exploitation.  

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, MLMC is informed by lived-experience and the latest evidence, MLMC provides survivor mentoring, an exploitation prevention program, professional training and advocacy. Over the last year and a half, our team has partnered with MLMC to deliver evidence-based trafficking prevention trainings for community organizations across Texas. 

As a founding staff member of My Life My Choice, Audrey was the first mentor of their vibrant mentorship program that exists today. 

“Long term recovery means ongoing work. It is not something that happens overnight. I am recovering, but I have not arrived…There’s no end to it. To continue, I must do the work.” 

Audrey Morrisey, Co-Executive Director, My Life My Choice 

Audrey now works as a trainer to develop their growing team and as a presenter to spread awareness of the details of human trafficking awareness and prevention.  

Between 2019 and 2021, their programs have reached 800 girls locally and 3,000 girls nationally through partnerships. 

This month, Audrey recommends Texans serving children in foster care and child welfare to learn the basics of commercial sexual exploitation. What may seem ordinary could very easily be a sign of this crime.  

In honor of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, MLMC is working on a series of podcasts to spread awareness of their current projects and healing journeys. Visit their website to learn more.