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Displacing Shame: The Safety of Children and Families Experiencing Problem Sexual Behavior

May 1, 2024 | 9:00am


Children in the child welfare system and those who have been adopted often experience trauma and challenging life experiences that can lead to problematic sexual behavior (PSB). Research highlights a higher prevalence of PSB in these children compared to the general population. However, foster, and adoptive parents, along with their support networks, often lack the necessary skills to manage such behavior, with a minimal percentage receiving adequate training.

Building upon the foundational knowledge from the Level 101 webinar, LEVEL 201 – The Safety of Children and Families Experiencing Problematic Sexual Behavior delves deeper into supporting front-line staff and championing substantive change within the Child Welfare landscape in response to these behaviors. This training explores both the direct and indirect impacts of PSB on staff well-being, organizational capacity, and financial costs. It showcases how targeted education for staff and caregivers can enhance permanency outcomes for children. Additionally, it equips participants with tools to mitigate staff burnout and turnover, fostering a supportive environment. Moreover, the session identifies crucial elements for effecting systemic change within organizations, advocating for a holistic approach, prioritizing the well-being of vulnerable children while simultaneously reducing unnecessary costs and preventing risk.