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Displacing Shame: Addressing Problematic Sexual Behaviors in Children and Youth

April 3, 2024 | 9:00am


Children in the child welfare system and those who have been adopted often experience trauma and challenging life experiences that can lead to problematic sexual behavior (PSB). Research highlights a higher prevalence of PSB in these children compared to the general population. However, foster, and adoptive parents, along with their support networks, often lack the necessary skills to manage such behavior, with a minimal percentage receiving adequate training.

Level 101 lays the foundation for Displacing Shame and addresses this gap by providing crucial training and resources for faith organizations, child welfare administrators, residential care staff, and foster/adoptive parents. The training goes beyond traditional risk prevention training to delve into understanding typical and problematic sexual behaviors, exploring the causes of PSB, debunking common myths, and stressing the significance of empathetic responses. Ultimately, the program advocates for a comprehensive, compassionate approach to empower caregivers and ensure the well-being and healing of children affected by PSB within the child welfare system.

Pre-approved for 2 LCPAA and LCCA continuing education hours.