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Creating Safe Spaces for Children

July 25, 2024 | 10:00am


As is evident by its title, this training will focus on creating safe spaces for children. An exploration of Helping Hand Home for Children’s newly built facilities, both residential and charter school, will occur. Design concepts and their intentions, (to help children begin the healing process from the chronic and chronic complex trauma they are experiencing from past abuse and neglect), will be covered. This in turn will illustrate how the spaces promote emotional, psychological, and physical safety. Contributions to this training will come from Assistant Dean for Administration and Planning, Clinical Professor at the University of Texas School of Social Work, Stacey Jordan, MSSW, Principal of STG Design, Jeff Ervin, and Director of Residential Services at Helping Hand Home for Children, Chris Janawicz, LCCA. Interviews with, and testimonials from, children¬† ¬†who formerly resided and currently reside at Helping Hand Home for Children along with caregivers who are employed at Helping Hand Home for Children will be included. Photos and video footage for visual reference and example will also be included.

Presenter: Chris Janawicz, LCAA, Helping Hand Home

Free, Open to the public