In 2010, three scholars proposed the Typology of Youth Participation and Empowerment or TYPE Pyramid to the American Journal of Community Psychology. The heavily researched model focuses on how youth and adults build toward sharing control which may be ideal for their development and empowerment.  

TACFS Youth Impact Manager Leroy Berrones Soto, Jr. And Selfless Love Foundation One Voice Impact Advocacy Director James “JR” Minter will present “Turning Over A New Leaf: Youth & Adult Change” both in person and virtually for the Texas Child Care Administrators Conference. The session covers the development and maintenance of healthy youth and adult partnerships where shared control is central to working together.  

“A lot of organizations tend to just ask youth to share their stores without getting them engaged in the beginning. But youth are the experts in the system,” said Leroy about the reason shared control is so important.  

Youth are often asked to be involved with advocacy, development, discussion, mentorship, and more. Foster Club (the writers of the curriculum Leroy and JR will be presenting) contend that adults must respect the stories and experiences of the youth involved. In the breakout session, Leroy and JR will dive into how operations can avoid exploiting youth experiences, how adults can be a resource and an encouragement, and some specific examples of successful youth-adult partnerships.  

“They lived it, they know how it feels. We need to be intentional about the actual work and look for the meaningful impact.”  

See Leroy and JR present “Turning Over a New Leaf” either in-person or virtually at the Texas Child Care Administrators Conference this fall in Houston, Texas. Learn more about all the breakout session offerings and get registered at