National Human Trafficking Prevention Month: A Call to Action 

During January, it’s essential to recognize the significance of National Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Throughout this month, communities nationwide come together to raise awareness, educate, and take action. There are resources available such as weekly webinars from Texas DFPS (and also the Texas Child Sex Trafficking Team) and the U.S. Office on Trafficking in Persons (OTIP). And any organization wishing to participate in raising awareness can find toolkits for social media, web, and newsletters through OTIP as well. 

Advocates & Allies  

Some of the TACFS members and our colleagues in the field of child and family wellbeing are on the frontlines, providing direct services to children and youth who are survivors of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Youth (CSEY). Others are the advocates and allies who bring research, training, and advocacy that make programs and clinical work possible. Undoing the damage done by trauma is a puzzle made complete through the strength and empowerment of survivors and their loved ones, the diligence of direct care providers, and the earnest collaboration of our statewide community.  

Professionals at all phases of this work bring a wealth of resources, skills, and a commitment to ensuring that no young person is left to face the aftermath of exploitation alone. Together, advocates and allies create a network of compassion, a web of support that wraps around survivors as they navigate the challenging path toward reclaiming their lives.