Texas Child-Centered Care, or T3C, is a new system designed to transform the state’s foster care system. In January 2025, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services will start credentialing organizations to provide T3C services — the credentialing process runs through August 2027.

That makes this a vital time for providers and organizations get training on new T3C processes and requirements — and the challenges and opportunities that will come with those changes.

Over the next few months, The Center will offer wide-ranging courses to help you and your organization prepare for the changes that T3C will bring. While most of the courses are available at low or no cost, providers can visit the T3C Grants page for more information about grant opportunities to help pay for training and other readiness activities.



TACFS is offering a suite of informational webinars, learning opportunities, and panel discussions through the summer and fall of 2024. The sessions will cover a wide range of in-depth topics that are central to the T3C process.

These opportunities include: 

Identifying & Developing Treatment/Program Models

Every service package in T3C requires a treatment model. We’ll cover treatment model basics, share examples, and explore how current requirements align with T3C ones.

Continuous Quality Assurance/Improvement Plans & Processes

This series helps organizations implement continuous improvement and evaluation activities that certain T3C service packages require. (This course is already in progress; you can view previous sessions and register for upcoming sessions at tacfs.org.)

Supports for Youth 14+

T3C sets requirements on services for youth who are 14-year-old and older, as well as those transitioning out of care. These sessions will focus on benefits associated with this population and best practices for serving these youth.

Trauma-Informed Approaches

This training will provide an overview of key components for a trauma-informed and trauma-responsive organizational culture. It will focus on the importance of implementing trauma-informed approaches at multiple organizational levels.

Understanding STAR Health

This session (with Superior Health Plan) will showcase important information about accessing clinical and behavioral health services; it will include information about the benefits and service array, working with service coordinators, and denials.

How to Build an Aftercare Program

T3C envisions that most providers will provide aftercare services. This session will provide crucial information about the T3C requirements and how other providers have built and implemented aftercare programs.

Creating Safe Spaces for Children

This training considers issues around safe-space design concepts and will demonstrate how well-designed spaces (“fixtures, furniture, and floor plans”) promote emotional, psychological, and physical safety.

Core Components of Accounting

Learn how to build a more sophisticated accounting system: this training will focus on T3C-mandated accounting changes, especially regarding credentialing and placement selection, and issues such as payment reconciliation and billing.

Mergers, Partnerships, & Acquisitions

This training will help organizations considering partnerships and mergers to expand service arrays. It will cover the “why” and “how” of mergers, partnerships, and acquisitions (recommended for organizational leaders and board members).

Budgeting & Financial Management

This training will help providers operate in a managed care environment, focusing on Texas’ model and how to thrive in it. It will cover issues such as Medicaid billing complexities and whether to become a STAR Health-credentialed organization.

Technology Needs

T3C requires technology systems that can manage data around issues such as quality assurance and improvement, case management, billing, reporting, outcomes, referrals, admissions, and discharges. This training will cover these requirements.

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