Community Distribution Partner Information

PanAid needs community funding distribution partners. Organizations such as transition centers, residential child care operations, supervised living centers, and other youth service providers are all highly encouraged to participate and complete an application.   

Applications are Closed

The Center and Monarch invited applications from organizations to become funding distribution partners to directly support young adults that have aged-out of foster care or youth in extended care as they address unplanned expenses related to the COVID-19 pandemic by disbursing Title IV-E Chafee Funds authorized under the Foster Youth Pandemic Act. Funding will be awarded through a selection process at no more than $100,000 per organization.  Monitor this page to learn more about our PanAid Community Distribution Partners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my organization qualify to apply for these funds?

  • Active Transition Centers 
  • DFPS-licensed 24-Hour Residential Child Cares with active DFPS contracts 
  • Single Source Continuum Contractors 
  • Supervised Independent Living services to DFPS youth 
  • Food Banks 
  • Schools 
  • Community Colleges 
  • Higher Education 
  • Health Clinics 
  • Religious-based Organizations 
  • Social Service Providers affiliated with U.S. Military branches 
  • Non-profit Organizations serving intended population 

How can my organization apply?

The online application can be accessed at: Please note walk-in applications will not be accepted.

What is the deadline to apply for funding?

Applications must be submitted online no later than 5:00PM on August 3, 2021 for consideration in the first round of applications. Organizational applications will continue to be reviewed in intervals, so long as they are received by 9/1/21

What will the process be if an Unaffiliated Young Adult is referred to a distributing organization who has used all their funds? Will they be prioritized for referral and assistance from another organization?  Will TCCF&M have a process to make sure they receive funds?  

As indicated in the RFA, the intent is to only make referrals if they are beneath the amount of the partner’s overall award.

 However, it could happen that depending on timing the partner may be at or near their cap. In this scenario there will be various options to either refer the young adult elsewhere or increase the original organization’s award.

How much can my organization expect to be awarded?

Contractors will award up to $100,000 per organizational application.

Refer to page 3 of the RFA for details about DFPS approval for awards greater than $100,000.

How will my organization be notified if accepted for an award?

Applicant organizations will be informed if they are awarded funding via email. Awarded organizations will be required to comply with the program rules and submit a signed “award acceptance letter.”

How will my organization’s award be funded?

The initial program funding will be paid in two installments to awarded organizations: 50% of the contract will be paid following contract execution and invoicing of DFPS. The remaining 50% will be paid in a second installment no later than December 1, 2021. See page 3 and 4 of RFA for details and conditions.

How soon can my organization expect to receive awarded funds once a contract is executed?

Award funds will be disbursed by the beginning of September.

How quickly will my organization be informed if our application is denied?

Organizations that applied by the first deadline (5:00 PM on August 3rd, 2021) that are not awarded will be notified by August 13, 2021. Applications received afterward during the rolling application period with be reviewed regularly and notified of award or denial in a timely manner.

If my organization is denied is there a process for reapplication?

Yes. Organizations may reapply until September 1, 2021.

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