Process map illustrates how orgs become behavioral health providers


There is an ever-growing need to improve access to behavioral health services in Texas. Children in the child welfare system especially need access to these services— but for this population, accessing them can often be a complex and extended process and the COVID-19 pandemic makes it even harder.

Earlier this year, TACFS teamed up with Superior HealthPlan to host a virtual process mapping session on the complicated and often mysterious process of helping local organizations become comprehensive behavioral health service providers, as outlined in Senate Bill 58 from the 2013 legislative session. We brought together different perspectives to identify bottlenecks and barriers in the current credentialing process and help organizations streamline their own processes and ensure access to services.

We had our sights set on creating a detailed process map that would walk through, and increase understanding about, the frequently bewildering path child welfare organizations can take to become credentialed providers of therapeutic behavioral health services, specifically Targeted Case Management & Mental Health Rehabilitation services.

The collaboration also includes several key providers, and they spent hours walking through every detail of the process: CK Family Services, Pathways Youth and Family Services, DePelchin Children's Center, Dublin Health Concepts, Arrow Child and Family Ministries and more. These experts outlined the process and clarified parts that have been misrepresented or misunderstood since 2013.

The pandemic has increased demand for mental and behavioral health services, for children and adults, across the country. With so many organizations moving to virtual home visits, counseling sessions, and parenting supports to meet families’ needs, this is a critical time to grow mental health service capacity within child welfare organizations. Organizations are willing and able to provide these services, increasing the state’s capacity to connect vulnerable children with specialists who understand child trauma and behavior.

Please click here to view the process map on credentialing and service delivery that resulted from our partnership with Superior HealthPlan. TACFS will continue to work with our valuable partners to help shine the light on this process and ultimately help grow the capacity of children’s mental and behavioral health services in Texas.