National Adoption Month Member Feature: Addy's Hope

Addy’s Hope is an adoption agency with two locations in Decatur and Midland, Texas. Despite the challenges of this year, their team is dedicated to uniting families and increasing permanent placements.  

“There are no unwanted children, only unfound families”  
HollyAnn Petree, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Addy's Hope Adoption Agency 

Addy’s Hope is home to two unique programs: They Wait and Beauty from Ashes. They Wait is a program that gives more financial leeway to families who are wanting to adopt but may not have the funds or were told they need to foster first. Beauty from Ashes focuses on helping provide financial assistance to mothers with unplanned pregnancies.   

Adoptive Family Story             

While COVID has made adoptions more challenging, Addy's Hope continues to unite families virtually this year.  

This May, their first group adoption was featured on DFPS MythBusters. According to the myth, large families cannot adopt. This family proved that untrue.  With social distancing rules in mind, they had a drive-by celebration where many friends and loved ones held posters and helped them commemorate the growing of their family.  


Drive by celebration in honor of the Holmes family

Addy’s Hope is expanding more and more each year. In 2019, they reached a placement number of 39, way up from 2 children placed in 2014. They have had such a positive impact on the foster care system by increasing adoptions despite the circumstances brought on by the global pandemic.  You can learn more about Addys Hope here.