The Complexity of Family Reunification

June is Family Reunification Month. The journey of a displaced, at-risk youth to reunification or unification with his/ her biological or adoptive family is immensely complex. 

The Bair Foundation’s child placing agency has developed programs in Lubbock,  San Antonio, Dallas and many other areas in Texas to walk adoptive and biological families and children through the challenging, unique process of achieving permanency. 

Bair’s Professional Treatment Foster Care (PTFC) program is a 6 month treatment program designed for intensive care youth who have previously been discharged from psychiatric hospitals as well as residential treatment centers. 

When a child is admitted to Bair’s PTFC program, a dedicated team of therapists, treatment coordinators, and stay-at-home foster parents, are assigned to assuring he/she receives the treatment and therapy necessary to safely unite or reunite with his/her adoptive or biological family. 

To best care for each child in care, therapists and foster parents licensed with the Bair Foundation are required to assume a number of trainings and qualifications: 

  • Foster parents are required to be trained in Together Facing the Challenge and Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI). 
  • In order to qualify for this program, foster parents must also have at least one year of experience caring for children with intense behaviors.
  • Therapists provide TF-CBT therapy and tele-med psychiatric care. 

To prioritize and effectively facilitate communication between the foster family and the therapists, each foster family in Bair’s program is also assigned a treatment coordinator, child advocates that are dedicated to ensuring that the child in care is provided every possible treatment to graduate successfully.

The dedicated staff at the Bair Foundation realize that family reunification is not a one size fits all process. It is an extremely complex and constantly evolving goal! 

“This is a complex program…and there’s so many moving pieces. We have so many kids in these programs and we’re trying to do the best for each one of them. Not a lot of people understand what’s behind the curtain.”

Wanda Rivera- Sloan, Clinical Supervisor

San Antonio

Children with diverse trauma require unique treatments that vary in sophistication and length in order to heal and unite or reunite with their adoptive and biological families- who are also required to complete certifications prior to their child re-joining or joining their family. 

The PTFC program at the Bair Foundation and all of their protocols and evolving measures taken to care for children and families each day enable the safest situation/ reunification. 

“Generally, the kids that come into this program have exhausted all efforts in a traditional home…. when they are referred to us they have significant behaviors. They are at the end of the road. I look at it as a challenge. What can we do? What are we going to do as a treatment team to help this child reach permanency?”

Quantinette Richardson, Director of Social Services 


To learn more about the Bair Foundation’s Professional Treatment Foster Care Program and other programs serving children and families, reach out to them on their website today.