Foster Care Appreciation Month: Young Adults Formerly from Foster Care Need Support During the COVID19 Crisis

The research team at the Field Center for Children’s Policy, Practice & Research at Penn State University recently concluded a survey to understand the experiences adults formerly from foster care during COVID19. They received responses from over 200 young adults spanning 32 states and in nearly 200 cities around the country. Preliminary findings from the survey indicate that young adults are struggling during this crisis.
  • 43% reported COVID19 having a negative impact on their living situation
  • 72% reported a money situation that would be stable for no more than one month
  • 67% reported COVID19 impacts on their educational progress or attainment
  • 56% reported clinically significant levels of depression or anxiety
  • 33% reported wishing they had connections with more people to help them
These findings help professionals who work(ed) with adults formerly from foster care to better understand their needs during this crisis so we can support young adults. Some suggestions for helping young adults during this crisis are:
  1. Ensure that the young adults in your network are housed and connected to foster care services.
  2. Check in with young adults in extended foster care and with those who have aged out as frequently as possible to give them support and personal connections during the crisis.
  3. Provide concrete resources to young adults including food, gift cards, and items needed to promote education success.
  4. Ask them about their professional and educational challenges.
  5. Refer them to reliable mental health resources available to them during this crisis.‚Äč

Feel free to use TACFS as a resource to guide your outreach and services. Young adults formerly from care need your support now more than ever!