TACFS Publishes Updated FFPSA Matrix for Community Organizations

FFPSA Update: The Title IV-E Prevention Services Clearinghouse of the Administration on Children and Families (ACF) has released the ratings for some of the programs that had been under review. The Clearinghouse review process produces evidence ratings to determine whether states can receive federal reimbursement for these services under FFPSA. One program was approved at the well-supported level of evidence, one was approved at the promising level and four services were not approved as evidence-based:

  • HomebuildersApproved at the well-supported level in the in-home parent skill-based training category. 
  • Child-Parent PsychotherapyApproved at the promising level in the mental health services category.
  • Family Behavior Therapy - all three versionsNot approved in the category of substance abuse services. Assigned a rating of “does not currently meet criteria.”
  • Solution Based CaseworkNot approved in the category of in-home parent skill-based training. Assigned a rating of “does not currently meet criteria.”

TACFS has created a matrix with detailed information on all programs that have been rated as evidence-based to date, which can be found here. Additional information on programs that have reviewed and not approved is here.


The Children’s Bureau has also created a new website regarding Title IV-E Prevention Program Plans.