#TACFSAdoption: Advantage Adoptions- One Church, One Child

It is adoption month! Agencies all over Texas are busy arranging plans for adoption celebrations. Of course, adoption month is not the only month where adoptions take place. Agencies work tirelessly year-round to match families with children up for adoption. Advantage Adoptions – OCOC  is one such agency doing great adoption work in Texas. They just completed their Annual Calling Out Prayer Breakfast on November 2, where they celebrated adoption matches in Fort Worth, TX. However, Executive Director Jeanette M. Willis leads her agency to go beyond traditional adoption. They specialize in kinship adoption, or adoption by a relative or fictive kin. For their kinship adoptions initiatives, they provide wrap-around services to the kinship families including educational workshops, respite care, and support groups. In fact, Jeanette, along with her colleagues Sheri Abbey and Lois Miller, lead national discussions on kinship adoption for organizations such as the North American Council on Adoptable Children (NACAC). They shared information on the CWLA kinship model of practice paralleled with their own personal kinship experiences. The model highlights the need to collaborate with kinship caregivers and address issues and challenges faced by kinship caregivers.

Kinship Family Story: A Unique Partnership with Whitfield Films, LLC: That Adoptive Crew

Advantage Adoptions – OCOC partnered with Whitfield Films, LLC of That Adoptive Crew to produce their Annual Calling Out Prayer Breakfast. Laterras R. Whitfield, an adoption advocate, is a kinship and foster/adopt dad. This two-time EMMY nominated filmmaker visually charts his adventures as an adoptive dad in captivating videos such as “An Adoption Story.” The videos are raw and real experiences capturing his relationship with his adopted son.‚Äč

Program Highlight: SonFlowers, A Girls' Leadership Training Program

The SonFlowers program is a different kind of adoption support group. It focuses on core values that equip young girls with skills in leadership and professional development. Its aim is to help girls increase confidence and independence in order to develop personal strength, overcome challenges and become dynamic leaders in their community and world.

Sonflowers (Promo) from Whitfield Films on Vimeo.