5 Key Ways Adoptive Families Can Seek Post Adopt Support in Texas

While National Adoption Month is a month of celebrating the growth of families through adoption, it is also a time to educate our communities on the ongoing needs of adoptive families! Adoption support and preservation services help build strong foundations for families created by adoption.
Adoption day is most certainly a day worth celebrating, yet for so many children and families this isn’t the end of a journey but a new chapter of a journey full of ups and downs, gains and losses, happiness and grieving. It is critical that adoptive families find support systems and service providers that understand adoption-related issues to support their unique family matters.  
Many TACFS Member Organizations provide these important post-adopt services and support to children and families right here in Texas.

Here are some ways adoptive families can be supported in our communities:
  1. Connect with other adoptive parents or adoptees through local support groups  
  2. Stay connected with your adoption agency for resources and support 
  3. Find a local Therapist that understands adoption, trauma and loss
  4. Attend local trauma-informed trainings and dive into a book recommended by the nationally renowned agency, A Family for Every Child.   
  5. Reach out to one of the post adopt contract providers found on the DFPS Post Adopt Services Page to learn more about services provided through state funding