#TACFSAdoption: Children's Hope

About Children's Hope

Children's Hope is a non-profit child welfare agency that specializes in foster, adoption, residential services, mentoring and more. Within their 14 locations, the trained staff at Children’s Hope’s child placing agencies help about 100 children a year find permanency through adoption. 
“Adoption is a huge part of the Children's Hope mission.  Our goal is to create safe, loving, permanent families for as many children as we possibly can."
Angela Nowell​
In addition to uniting forever families through a foster to adopt process, Children’s Hope has helped several children in their Residential Treatment Centers successfully transition to a family setting and adoptive permanency in a Children’s Hope home. 

State Director Family Testimonial

“One of my favorite Adoption stories to share is the uniting of the Avalos family. They originally came to us out of a desire to build their family.  Unable to have children of their own, they felt that they truly had something to offer children as foster parents and, they hoped, forever parents.  The Avalos family has adopted five beautiful children and are currently fostering the sibling of one of their children.  Once that child's adoption is complete, their home will consist of three biological sibling groups.  If keeping three sibling groups together wasn't remarkable enough, they are now guiding their friends and family members to Children's Hope to become foster/adoptive parents.  They are committing to building permanent homes for as many children as they possibly can.  Robert and Celina are an amazing example of what love and hard work can do for the vulnerable children of the State of Texas.”
Angela Nowell, State Director, Children's Hope