#TACFSAdoption: Divinity Family Services


About Divinity


Divinity Family Services is a non-profit child placing agency with headquarters in Kerrville, TX. Divinity's team has had a passion for serving children and families throughout the greater San Antonio area since 2009. In 2019, they opened a branch in Austin to start serving the community in region 7. 

“Divinity's goal is to lead the State of Texas in providing HOPE and HEALING for children who have been REMOVED and PLACED in foster CARE.”

A unique attribute to Divinity’s services is their dedication to supporting kinship families and keeping them central and involved in the foster care process. In the words of Divinity COO Tom Molnar, “ If CPS, CASA, and the court believe it is in the best interest of a child to be with a family member, then we go the extra mile to get to a Yes.” Over 450 children are currently being served by the nurturing guidance of Divinity’s informative staff.

Adoptive Family Testimonial


"My name is Nikki Moore. My husband, Chris Moore and I have been married for 13 years. After trying to conceive for many years, we decided to start fostering with the hopes of adopting. We fostered and sent home 8 beautiful kids before we found our forever son. August came into our lives in June of 2018. He has been a blessing each and every day. Although we tried not to get too attached, my husband and I formed a bond with him almost instantly. A year later, by the grace of God, we have a sweet little boy calling us Mommy and Daddy. It has been a long road, but we have our forever son in August and he has his forever family."   
~Nikki Moore, Adoptive Mother with Divinity Family Services




Acknowledgements from Divinity's Staff


Thank you to Divinity Team Lead Sydney Knowles for the way she served this family with care, insight, and compassion.