TACFS Releases Resource Guide to Help Community Organizations Navigate the DFPS Foster Care Needs Assessment

In early August, DFPS released the Annual Foster Care Needs Assessment. After taking time to thoroughly understand the needs assessment, TACFS is pleased to share an Introduction to the DFPS Foster Care Needs Assessment for Community Organizations. This resource guide is designed to bring the context of Community Organizations’ work in the child welfare system to the DFPS Foster Care Needs Assessment and assist community organizations and other stakeholders with their continued work around capacity building. The demand for capacity across Texas’ child welfare system continues to surpass supply, and community organizations such as yourselves feel the weight of that mounting pressure. The TACFS team will continue to keep you posted on upcoming regional capacity meetings and events. Our team is available to answer specific questions about the information in the DFPS Foster Care Needs Assessment or assist your organization with situating the information within the context of your work. Contact TACFS today at info@tacfs.org for more information.