Cherokee Home for Children Travels to the Phillipines

Cherokee Home for Children recently completely their first ever international mission trip.  A group of seven adults and six teenagers spent two weeks on the island of Cebu, Philippines, serving and encouraging existing mission workers, and experiencing the life and culture of a developing country.  The group were exposed to three mission points with distinctly different approaches to outreach and evangelism.  Their hands-on experience involved working with a church's children's ministry and a ministry to street children and their families. Their recreation time included snorkeling in the ocean, hiking to a set of beautiful water falls and, of course, eating exotic dishes (like a 16-day old fertilized duck embryo right out of the shell!).

The Philippines is an island nation made up of approximately 7,400 islands with a population of about 104 million.  Although it has very modern cities and technology, there are still many underdeveloped areas and a large portion of the population are very poor. The team mixed and mingled with poverty they had never seen before.  One of the teenagers remarked, shortly after arriving in one of the mission points, "I will never complain again".  Others were so touched by their experience with the ministry to street children that, upon arriving at home, they decided to start collecting coins in a jar to send back to the ministry.

The trip was financed by private donations and donations from local area Churches of Christ.  All team members were greatly impacted by the trip and are eager to do it again.  If you would like to know more about the trip and/or about Cherokee Home for Children, visit