Family & Caregiver Resources: COVID-19 Response


Videos and Podcasts 

Serving up bite-sized episodes that are published daily, the CNN podcast functions really well as a tool for constant anxiety recalibration and modest reassurance. Systematic and thoughtfully-produced, its good for a daily moment of zen, given the circumstances. Tune in here. 

Three uncanny four: Viral: Coronavirus 
This show will walk you through everything you need to know about coronavirus, without the hype and hysteria. Just factual reporting based on the most authoritative sources. Tune in here. 

If you wish to go deeper into the science and public policy angle of the COVID-19 phenomenon, look no further than this podcast from an infectious disease specialist and the former U.S. Ebola czar. They may not be radio professionals, but that doesnt matter when theyre actual experts. Tune in here

The coronavirus pandemic is a global phenomenon, obviously, and so if youre hoping to keep daily tabs on whats going on in other countries, the BBC World Service has got your back. The BBC has excelled at this format for a long time with its regular daily news dispatches, so it makes sense that they would be one of the stronger outfits to cover this crisis. Tune in here. 

Ride home media: Coronavirus Daily Briefing 

An audio digest of all the major coronavirus-related headlines, for folks who really want to stay close to the story. The irony is that Ride Home Media specializes in the listen-to-this-on-your-after-work-commute genre of podcasting, and while fewer people are even commuting at all any more, their COVID-19 briefing will still be useful even if youre stuck at home. Tune in here.