INCREASED UNDERSTANDING Sharing experiences and knowledge to improve our care and services

PEER SUPPORT AND REVIEW Providing resources to create the strongest network of care

SUPPORTING COMMUNITY PARTNERSHIPS Supporting member organizations as they make local partners that better support and surround children, youth, and families

At the heart of TACFS is partnership and community.

In the words of TACFS Board President, Dr. Wayne Carson, "We are better together." Reflective of the state of Texas, our membership is diverse and deep, serving much of the state. But no matter what differences we may experience, we all seek to serve children, youth, and families, heal trauma, and give every opportunity for bright futures. 

We value collaboration so deeply because our success depends on our ability to work together, share our knowledge and experiences, and seek to learn from each other. Our vision is to build a strong network of direct care organizations that can learn from each other and offer support.

Beyond a network of caregivers, we are passionate about supporting member organizations as they strive to build strong partnerships in their communities that surround children, youth, and families. Partnerships with our local governments and elected officials, doctors and nurse, teachers, counselors, families, and other local stakeholders help us create the strongest network of care.

engage in member exclusive work groups 

advocacy committee 

The advocacy committee meets monthly through a conference call during session to discuss important legislative updates and less frequently during the interim. Participation in this work group also includes  training opportunities on how to interact with legislative offices and testify at legislative hearings.

strategy, training and research consortium - STarc 

STaRC is a concentrated group of child welfare professionals with a particular interest in data as it relates to the vast fields of strategy, training and research. This group meets in-person quarterly.

communications pow wow 

TACFS Comm Pow Wowers meet monthly over the phone or in person to discuss timely news, relevant themes, and messaging as it relates to our field of child welfare. This group is designed to provide friendly, professional networking for our members, as our communications staff review our newest updates and encourage members to ask questions and share their news. 

Nonprofit Human resources 

The focus of the TACFS Human Resources Work Group is to provide timely, relevant resources to our internal network of HR staff that addresses pertinent topics common for non-profit child welfare community organizations. This group meets in person quarterly, through ad hoc webinars and on the phone.