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TACFS Overview

TACFS History

Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services (TACFS) was founded in 1975 as the Texas Association of Licensed Children's Services by a group of child care and adoption agency directors with the primary purpose of strengthening Texas' child care laws. The Association quickly became known as a strong advocate for responsible legislation concerning children's well being and established a formidable position within the legislative arena.

In 1998, the Association instituted a reorganization and took on a new name, Texas Association of Leaders in Children and Family Services, to transition into their new organizational structure. Through reorganization, the Association broadened it's membership and created an even larger presence in Texas.

With the completion of reorganization, the current name, Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services, was adopted and remains as the symbol of what the TACFS represents. With TACFS at the forefront of change, Texas child care laws have dramatically improved. Through the leadership of TACFS, child care laws have been strengthened, funding for children's services has increased, and innovations in service delivery have been introduced and refined.

Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services member agencies realize how much can be accomplished through mutual assistance and cooperation. Additionally, TACFS now provides stronger services for member agencies on behalf of the children and families who receive their care.

Over the years, as our reputation has grown, TACFS has evolved into the premier association for professionals and organizations serving vulnerable children and families in Texas.

TACFS Mission

Strengthening Services to Children and Families through Quality Care and Advocacy

Strengthening Services...
TACFS seeks to ensure that services are adequately funded, correctly regulated, properly monitored and of the highest quality possible.

to Children and Families...
TACFS member agencies focus primarily on children and families who are at risk for serious problems, children who have been victimized by abuse and neglect, families dealing with low income, loss of jobs, domestic violence, drug and alcohol and mental illness.

Some members place children in adoptive homes including infants, special needs children and children adopted internationally.

through Quality Care...
TACFS members care about quality. TACFS seeks to provide service and support to help agencies provide the highest quality, state of the art services to children and families.

and Advocacy.
Since it's inception, TACFS has focused policy and law makers on the needs of abused, neglected, and high risk children. TACFS provides a continual presence in Austin, both in state office and the capitol. TACFS formulates policy positions based on members' extensive experiences working with children and seeks to advance an agenda that protects the rights of children and insures that funding is adequate to meet each child's needs.

Code of Ethics

As members in good standing, we will do everything in our power to uphold the principles in the Texas Alliance of Child and Family Services Code of Ethics. These are to:
  • Protect children from harm by creating and maintaining an organizational environment that safeguards children from abuse, maltreatment, economic exploitation, malnutrition, and unsafe environments;
  • Offer child-centered, family-focused quality services that include the child and family in all case planning and decision-making;
  • Provide high-quality therapeutic care to physically and emotionally challenged children;
  • Clearly define our service populations and provide appropriate services;
  • Strive to instill a sense of self-worth, empowerment, and individuality to each child and family by respecting their race, culture, language, and religion;
  • Promote and improve the personal and professional development of our staff;
  • Broaden the cultural and humanitarian sensitivities and competencies of our staff;
  • Advocate to improve the social conditions of children and families; and
  • Advocate to develop and expand resources beneficial to children and the strengthening of family life.
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