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Angel's Crossing
Angel’s Crossing, located in Castroville, Texas, is a licensed CPA providing foster and adoption services, and also serves the Community Foster Homes within Medina County. Their mission is to make permanent improvements in the lives of children and their families by meeting their spiritual, mental, emotional, educational, social and physical needs through a Christian perspective. Their website is and their executive director is Angelita T. Bendele.

Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults
Harris County Protective Services for Children and Adults located in Houston. Harris County Protective Services provides services to support and enhance DFPS program in Harris County. HCPS also provides community-based prevention and early intervention services in schools, justice courts and the community. HCPS also administers the county guardianship program. HCPS’ mission is to support, enhance and advocate for the safety and well-being of children and adults in Harris County. Their executive director is Joel Levine and their website is

The Giocosa Foundation
The Giocosa Foundation is a child placing agency providing foster care and adoption services with locations around the state. Giocosa’s commitment is to always advocate for the best interest of children. They are small in size but large in their dedication to placing children with families committed to stabilizing a child’s environment. Their mission is to match children with loving and nurturing families so they may form mutually satisfying and healthy relationships. Their executive director is Glenn Scruggs and their website is

North Fork Educational Center
North Fork Educational Center is a residential treatment center located in Dallas County. They provide both IPTP and Intense services to male youth starting at age 7 by providing unique services designed for specific individuals to meet the needs of any behavioral concern. North Fork's program goal for each child is to stabilize for discharge to a lesser restrictive environment and a move towards permanency planning. Their administrator is Garry McWhorter and their website is

East Texas Open Door
The Alliance received a new member application from East Texas Open door located in Marshall, Texas. East Texas Open Door (ETOD) is licensed as a GRO providing multiple services including basic care, emergency services, residential treatment and transitional living. ETOD GRO is licensed for boys and girls ages 5-18 with basic, moderate and specialized levels of care. Their child care administrator is Laura Russell and their website is

4KIDS of South Texas
4Kids of South Texas provides foster care and adoption services. Their key objective is to provide quality supervision, care and support for children in the foster care system – physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually. 4KIDS works diligently to educate both the faith and secular communities to understand the plight of children in the foster care system. They aspire to become a bridge to span the gap between children in need and the community in which they live. Their mission is: providing hope for kids in crisis. They executive director is Kristi Nnokam Parker and their website is

Forever Families Adoption Agency
Forever Families Adoption Agency located in Fresno. Forever Families is a nonprofit that provides adoptive and foster placements for children in Texas. Their mission is: Forever Families provides children with a safe, nurturing and educational environment through connections with families that last forever. Their executive director is Dr. Sophia Davis-Fields and their website is

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