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Current Goals / Strategies

By bringing together the organization's expertise in Adoption, Foster Care, and Residential Treatment, the Alliance is able to provide its members with the most comprehensive legislative and regulatory information on all aspects of children's services. Member caucuses meet throughout the year to discuss the latest actions and Alliance staff experts prepare regular updates and briefings available to all members.

Alliance goals include:

Advocate for Adequate Resources to Serve Children and Families

The Alliance works with state and federal legislative leaders to build champions of children's services through financial responsibility. The Alliance also works with community leaders to maximize local resources, as well as explore new options for expanding services.

Expand Our Influence

The Alliance strives to promote leadership development through innovative programs and operations, statewide resources and expertise, training and research, media relations and public support, and membership development.

Promote Better Service Delivery and Quality of Care

The Alliance provides:
  • Regional networks that address needs, work with DFPS staff, and develop better continuums of care in each region of the state;
  • Better risk assessment and uniform enforcement of licensing standards;
  • Oversight to improve safety and efficiency, to avoid duplication among entities, and to eliminate conflicting requirements;
  • Quality training for child care workers and administrators;
  • Identification and measurement of quality outcomes;
  • Continuous expansion of communications networks;
  • An expanded continuum of services, including prevention and family services.
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