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Contract Management is a division of the Department of Family and Protective services. Currently many residential child care providers contract with DFPS using open enrollment contracts to provide foster care, shelter, residential treatment, and residential child care services. Some agencies serve DFPS children through "no pay" contracts. These are agreements to place children without state payments.

For more information on contracts, please follow the links below.

Regional Contracts

Residential Contracts (24-Hour Residential Child Care)

Level of Care System - Youth for Tomorrow

The Level of Care system is a method for determining the service needs of children placed in residential and foster care in Texas. Each child is assigned a Level of Care of Basic, Moderate, Specialized or Intense. The Level of Care or LOC determines the payment received by contract providers.

Youth for Tomorrow is a nonprofit organization that was awarded a DFPS contract to provide LOC support services to DFPS in 1991. Youth for Tomorrow provides two primary area of services: a) a case review of each child to determine LOC, and b) annual review of contract providers to determine compliance with Level of Care system service requirements. Level of Care Information - Youth for Tomorrow

Procurement Links

Doing Business with HHSC

Doing Business with DFPS

According to the DFPS website, DFPS purchases services in the following areas:

  • Residential services
  • Home assessment and study services
  • Parent and caregiver training
  • Counseling, psychological and psychiatric evaluations and testing, and diagnostic consultation
  • Preparation for Adult Living services
  • Adoption and post-adoption services

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