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Find Your Elected Officials

Whether it is a new law passed in the last legislative session, budget appropriations, changing licensing rules, or local zoning laws, elected officials make important decisions every week that can affect your agency, foster families, and your other constituents. It is important for your agency to become known to your elected officials to insure that the families and children in your care are best served and to preserve the integrity of your agency.

The first step is to know who represents you at the local, state and federal levels. Use this link to find your representatives:

Share the story and mission of your agency with your representatives. Invite key representatives to visit your campus, office or a foster parent home. Invite them to agency events and introduce them to adoptive parents and the children in your care. Thank them for their service by honoring them with awards when appropriate, etc.

Make your positions and views known over time. Be clear and concise, send written letters, faxes, testify at hearings, etc.


Addressing Guide 

The Honorable (Full Name)
Governor's Office
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, TX 78711
Dear Governor ___________,

Lt. Governor:
The Honorable (Full Name)
Lt. Governor's Office
P.O. Box 12068 - Capitol Station
Austin, TX 78711
Dear Lt. Governor __________,

Senate Members:
The Honorable (Full Name)
Texas Senate
P.O. Box 12068-Capitol Station
Austin, TX 78711
Dear Senator ______________,

House Members:
The Honorable (Full Name)
Texas House of Representatives
P.O. Box 2910
Austin, TX 78768-2910
Dear Representative __________,


Lobbying & Nonprofits 

Personal involvement is one of the most influential ways of reaching the Alliance's legislative goals. Here are several lobbying tips for making your State Capitol visits more effective:

STATE YOUR PURPOSE - When you begin your meeting with a legislator, clearly state the purpose of your visit and why you are concerned with the issues at hand.

BUILD YOUR CASE - Your own experience with an issue, plus solid facts, are the best arguments for supporting your position. Explain briefly how the legislation (or the situation requiring legislation) affects you, your organization, and the children and families you serve. Be prepared to use facts to back up your position.

BE CONSTRUCTIVE - Concentrate on explaining how the legislation you support is a positive solution to a problem. Instead of criticizing your opponents and their legislation, help your legislator understand and become aware of the merits of your position and explain why it is the best approach.

BE REALISTIC - Communicate with legislators and their staffs as an individual or as a group of constituents. Don't give the impression you have political clout you don't have - false claims create doubts about your views and goals. Also, don't threaten to withhold your vote in an upcoming election - keep to the merits of your issues.

GET FEEDBACK - Ask legislators to explain their positions on the issues you raise during your visits. As a constituent, you are entitled to know where they stand and why; this information may help your organization on a key vote in the future.

FOLLOW UP - Let legislators and/or their staff know you appreciate meeting with them. If a legislator indicates support for your position, thank him or her for their commitment. If they disagree, thank them for their time.


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